Doug Rellstab - President of Rellstab Services, Inc., began geologic field work in 1977. For 26 years he has refined mudlogging skills to produce some of the products you are viewing on this web site. His mudlog design and consistent method of gathering mudlog data became the backbone of one the most desirable mudlogs drawn in the Rockies. It is constantly being upgraded to become even more useful and innovative.

For the last 12 years Doug has added sample imaging to the usual mudlogging products offered. Once images are viewed, office geologists can be certain of the rock's many physical properties beyond generic written descriptions. The images speak for themselves. Also available are thin sections of pay zones or other zones of interest. Doug's philosophy has been to use nothing but the best equipment to produce the finest result.

Doug has logged a few million feet of rock from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian border with concentration in the Rockies.


John Trenchard - Mudlogger, began mudlogging in 1980 and has proven himself to be a reliable hand whom office Geologist's can depend upon. Able to adapt to the most demanding situations drilling rigs can produce, John has earned respect from all drilling personnel he has worked with. He is experienced in logging operations through out the Rockies and Gulf Coast.

Address: Rellstab Services, Inc., PO Box 132, Pinedale, WY 82941

Phone: 888-367-1345 or 307-367-2600