FID TOTAL GAS & CHROMATOGRAPH detectors are the most reliable & accurate detectors built today.

SRI instrumentation specializes in Hydrogen Flame Detectors that can endure drilling rig environments.

ANALYSIS software will predict production components, BTU's and water saturations.


SATELLITE UPLINK for high speed internet connection.


EMAIL mudlogs, images, prognosises, and E-logging instructions.


DATA ACQUISITION from Geo Image is full WITS compatable with Pason, Totco or Epoch.

LAG is based on pump strokes for extreme accuracy even in the fastest drilling conditions.

PROGRAMABLE volumetrics, bit bounce filters, and much more.

ZEISS stereoscope is the finest scope ever made for photo imaging. Its color contrast and resolution is unbelievable!

GALLERY IMAGES - Have images like these on your desk straight from the well site.

ZEISS UNIVERAL POL scope is part of an elite class of research microscopes.


THIN SECTIONS made from sample cuttings show cementation and matrix materials.

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